Studio for Interior and Product design. Jenna creates playful interiors and products with a passion for details.


Photo; Ilco Kemmere

Jenna creates playful products with a passion for details

Jenna Postma started a studio for interior and product design in 2010. She produces a continuously expanding collection of furniture and accessories. Commissioned by retail companies and private clients, Jenna designs customized furniture and interiors.

Jenna’s design style is characterized by its simplicity, playfulness and a passion for details. In a narrative way, she translates her imagination, her amazement at the seemingly mundane, and a fascination for patterns into user-friendly and aesthetic concepts. Material, colour, and shape create a warm and natural atmosphere.

In the commissioned work Jenna combines her style with the requirements of the client.  Creating a personal and transparent collaboration is central in this process.

For her own collection and her commissioned work, Jenna works with high-quality and sustainable materials, which are manufactured by herself or local craftsmen.

A short history

Jenna grew up on the outskirts of a tiny village in Friesland, the Netherlands. The backyard was a big playground, where a lot of huts were build and witchsoup was brewed.

As a little girl Jenna loved beautiful toys like dolls. But she could only look at them. She thought they were impossible to play with. So instead Jenna build furniture for the dolls to make them feel at home.
Nowadays she still likes building furniture, containing surprising details, as long as it is functional and it makes people feel at home.

After graduation at the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen, Jenna started her own studio. For three years, she designed products for her own collection and commissioned projects. When her internship company ‘Ontwerpduo’ asked her to join them on a fulltime base, she did not hesitate. At the studio of Ontwerpduo Jenna learned about entrepreneurship, production, and commissioned design. Three years later she joined design studio ‘Tiny Miracles’ to create new products, which had to be produced by and in support of a group of women in India. To be part of a team with the mission to make this slum-based community self-supporting was truly inspiring.

Though, new boundaries had to be explored: it was time to travel. For six months Jenna travelled the world and saw new cultures, beautiful people, fascinating furniture, cool habits and vibrant colors. This sabatical laid the foundation for a fresh start.

Back home she re-started her own studio ‘Jenna Postma’ to create new designs, partially elaborating upon inspirations obtained during the preceding journey. This resulted, for instance, in the candleholder ‘Descendle’ and ceramic tableware ‘Align’.

Besides her own studio, Jenna collaborated in the capacity of freelancer for Studio WM and Atelier NL. 

So what’s next? Jenna continues to work on new designs and start cool projects and collaborations; making her and our world look even more beautiful. Stay tuned!

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