Studio for Interior and Product design. Jenna creates playful interiors and products with a passion for details.


Jenna Postma designs on commission, both with and for various clients. Her clientele consists of retail and hospitality companies, private clients and design labels. Sometimes a unique question is the start, other times an existing design is the starting point to continue on.

Collaboration is always a source of inspiration for Jenna:

__ ‘If you are with more people, you take a broader view of your design. You reflect more because you have to be able to justify the choices you make. You always look for a balance between what you find yourself and what suits the other. I think that’s an interesting puzzle that, if it’s done right, leads to a powerful design.’

__ “We saw Jenna’s mirror as a nice addition to our collection, provided it was given a ‘Vij5 touch’. In consultation we came to a plank at the top.’ Arjan and Anieke, Vij5

Read more about the existing concepts and what a collaboration could look like here.

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