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Wood Loop

This cabinet consists of wooden slats on a curved wooden frame. The wavy outline strikes the eye. The linoleum on the doors gives the cabinet a gentle look. The bright color combines beautifully with the natural feel of the wooden parts. On the inside, you'll find plenty functional storage room. An additional open and round Wood Loop, suitable for on the wall or ground, completes the design. The Wood Loop cabinet can be personalized by changing the color of the doors, or by adjusting the curve and size of the design. This way, the Wood Loop most certainly fits into your home. The Wood Loop concept is perfect for customization. Depending upon the space, adapt the existing designs in shape and size, or design a new version. You can also personalize the cabinet by changing material and color. The result is personal, exclusive and still functional. Of course, you will enjoy personalized advice and support in realizing your favorite design. Send an mail om de mogelijkheden te bespreken.

Berken multiplex, Linoleum


Handgemaakt in Nederland

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Afmetingen: 50 x 70 x 150cm, op maat gemaakte versies zijn in ieder formaat en vorm beschikbaar